• Muscle Hydration Technique For Strength

    This course is for fitness professionals and will count as CEUs

    We are happy to partner with you in bringing you the best course for continuing education and we think you'll love this one. The MHT course will teach you how to get the most out of the muscle as you teach your clients how to get strong. You will learn how to bring more blood flow, decrease immobility and release tight muscles to improve strength gains. Your clients will love learning this technique and they will thank you for helping them remove pain and inflammation from the body.

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Course outline

I. Muscle release

Use any of the aforementioned release strategies to unlock a locked long or locked short muscle. When doing this it will be important to release all the muscle in the line of muscles that help complete the exercise(s) or movements that cause the pain.

II. Stretch the muscle(s)

Aid the muscle in finding length if it has been locked short.
Increase the body’s ability to bring blood flow to the joints and muscles.
This will improve mobility really quickly

III. Activate

Light exercise to ignite the opposing muscle groups
Doing this will allow the body to hold the muscle release longer.
This will balance out the muscles while simultaneously relieving pain.

VI. Integrate

Using resistance bands put the affected area to work.
Make sure the opposing muscles are also used at equal intensity.
Be careful and don’t do too much too fast.
Use balance inducing movements to ensure muscle activation

V. Load

Now you build upon the improvements made by increasing the resistance.
Start with changing the angle of the movement.
Second, bring more weight or resistance to the new angle.
Third, introduce explosive exercise(s) that focus on the opposing muscle groups.

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